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Tristian H. '24 - Video Game Concept "Borderstar"

The inspiration: A number of years ago, I found the concept art for a game called "Overwatch." The art for that game has inspired my art for many years. 

The process: The first step was gathering resources that would help me create my own video game concept as a single artist, since usually this work is done by teams of people who all specialize in different areas. After figuring out the storyline and general themes I wanted to hit, I started with designing the main character, Ciro. Character design has always been my strong suit, so working on the main cast was seamless. After the characters, I moved on to environments and creatures that I designed at the same time to keep consistent with wildlife on each planet. My completed project was a website that includes a game synopsis, storyline, cover art, environment concepts and character biographies. 

What I learned: I learned a lot about time management. I definitely overshot myself at the start of the project, assuming that I could do what was typically done over the course of years by teams of people and not one high schooler with a few months of time.

What's next: I’m still continuing to develop this world because I plan to use it as one of the projects I submit for my portfolio to colleges. Hopefully this world will help me not only get into college, but maybe even hiring opportunities at companies that are looking for artists like me!