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Walker W. ‘17 — Art Exhibit, "Reflection"

The Project: Reflection, an art exhibit of photographs and video collage, mounted
for the Calhoun community.

Artist’s Statement: “The photography seeks to find the extraordinary within the ordinary. The entangled images reveal what is in front of us that we don’t see—an exterior duality, a juxtaposition, while also commenting on consumerism. The conceptual piece in the show examines the rituals of everyday life. By listing basic actions in a repetitive manner, I hope to spark self-awareness and an impulse toward a more conscious way of living. In my video collage, I explore two concepts: the exterior personal—the blank slate onto which we ascribe meaning; and the inner psyche—the essence of the true self where we scratch the skin to find the scarlet underneath. This exhibit shows us something about ourselves—only, of course, if the viewer of the art is willing to reflect on it.”

Process: “When I was deciding on a theme for my JW project, I looked back and realized I had all of these reflection pictures. There are so many levels to reflection; there’s the more philosophical reflection on the self, but then there’s also these physical reflections. And I thought that would just be a good theme for some deep thinking.”

What I Learned: “It was not a cut-and-dry process. I had a lot of different work and a lot of ideas, and I think the hardest thing was… well, there were two main challenges. One was completely practical—organizing everything, finding where all the pieces were going to lay out; that took months. But then the other thing was narrowing my focus to have a really cohesive show. There were a lot of missteps, but it worked out in the end.”

Value of JW: “I was really happy to have the opportunity to do an art show at school.”