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Xio K. ‘17 — Blog for Young Black Women

The Project: A workshop, titled Sisters of the Yams Interscholastic Forum, designed and facilitated for young black women from grades 9-12 to analyze the Black Lives Matter movement from the lens of being black in predominantly white institutions. Xio also created a website to augment the workshop.

Driving Questions: “During the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, I asked myself: What is the black private school girl’s experience and position in these movement; how does that positioning change our perception of ourselves and our relationship to the black community? These questions led me to want to explore the issues with other women and find a way to have our voices heard. Through testimony and reconciling, I began to feel an even deeper sense of self-affirmation.”

What’s next: “I intend to continue updating my website with more footage and audio, and I hope to launch an interscholastic group for black women next year, which will meet monthly.”

Value of JW: “Junior workshop gave me the opportunity to design and execute a project in which I explored intersectionality of oppression, individuality, and the positioning of my prep school identity and black identity. Being able to design my own curriculum enabled me to explore my interest in social justice and self-actualization—making it one of the most memorable times of junior year. I’m so proud of my final project.”