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Utilizing My Calhoun Calendar

My Calhoun Calendar allows you to keep track of the various events going on at Calhoun. You have the ability to filter events, sync a calendar onto your personal device, and sign up for event alerts. Read below to learn how to best utilize the calendar to fit your needs.

Filter Calendar

Use the blue button above the calendar to select which calendars you'd like to be displayed. From the daily lunch menu to division-specific events, filtering allows you to control which types of events you see.

Example of how to filter calendars.



Sync Calendar

You have the ability to add the Calhoun calendar to your personal device calendar. Click the gray button above the calendar, then select which calendars you'd like to sync. Copy the feed URL and add it to your mobile device (click here for instructions from Apple).

Example of how to sync a calendar onto your personal device.


Sign Up for Calendar Alerts

If you sign up for calendar alerts you will receive an email reminder delivered to your inbox. Click the orange alert button above the calendar, select the calendars you'd like to receive alerts from, and choose the reminder window (from 30 minutes to a week before the event).

Example of how to sign up for calendar alerts.