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STRATEGIC PLAN — Calhoun 2025

In December 2018, the Board of Trustees formally adopted a new strategic plan for The Calhoun School, titled Calhoun 2025

This Plan aims to enhance our teaching and learning environment in ways that deepen our commitment to our guiding philosophy: embracing each student as an individual, supported by a culture of collaboration and shared values, embedded in broader local and global communities. It will shape our priorities and guide our development through 2025—a period during which we will celebrate both the 125th anniversary of the founding of the school, and the 50th anniversary of our decisive commitment to becoming a national model for PreK-12, coeducational progressive education.

Our Priorities for 2025

My Calhoun

Uniquely Supporting and Challenging Every Student

Develop for each student an individualized, dynamic academic plan, with competency-based and other milestones, that encourages a growth mindset, stimulates their intellectual curiosity, and supports partnership and communication among students, faculty and families.

Calhoun Everywhere

Engaging with New York City and the World Beyond

Expand our use of excursions—both physical and virtual—to deepen students’ exposure to socio-economic and culturally diverse communities, expand the gamut of cross-disciplinary inquiry-based learning and enhance our curricular engagement with local and national communities.

Our Calhoun

Celebrating Our Community, Culture and Values

Nurture a proud, diverse and supportive community of collaborative learners and engaged citizens that puts values of equity, inclusion, social justice and community engagement into practice.

Investing in Calhoun

Supporting Innovation

Dedicate resources to ensuring that our faculty and staff have access to cutting edge research and innovations and that our facilities, systems and technology fully support our programming.